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This forum, of global lodging and hospitality industry professionals, connects various stakeholders for active discussions. Our mission is to foster conversations on issues facing the industry and identify ways to work together for the greater benefit.

Global Food & Dining Trends

Hospitality Talks had a wonderful conversation with a global panel that included Deepak Ohri – Chief Executive Officer, Lebua Hotels & Resorts; Ziad El Kerdany – Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Revel Hospitality and Matthew Jaffe – Managing Partner, Capital Burger. Our discussion revolved around consumer trends, behavior and global themes that are impacting the restaurants and dining venues. Being in an industry that serves up the most basic of human needs, "food", the foodservice industry has always been at the forefront of innovation. This industry continues to face several issues as food technology and consumer trends and demands keep changing.

Destination Positioning for a Diverse Audience

Tourism destinations are probably one of the most difficult “products” to market, involving large numbers of diverse stakeholders. In the highly competitive and dynamic global tourism environment, it is critical to develop a clear identity, or “brand” based on reality, while also reflecting the core strengths and “personality”. As the competition among tourism destinations becomes more intense it has become increasingly more important to understand the dynamic structure of image by understanding elements that contribute to destination image formation. Attributes like natural resources, accessibility, exciting nightlife, restaurant variety, friendly locals, and safety, are significant predictors of visit intentions.

Demand Recovery & Travel Trends in Europe

Hospitality businesses are part of the European social and economic fabric, bringing diversity and vitality to city centers, rural communities, and villages across Europe, providing millions of jobs and contributing nearly 10% of European Union’s gross domestic product. Combining tourism, high-quality food, services and culture has been part of the European way of life and visitors from all over the globe have flocked to this region for a long time. The hospitality industry has faced many challenges and issues in the recent past, the latest being the pandemic. Constantly changing customer expectations, political, safety and security concerns, skilled labor shortages, increasing operating costs and rapid technological changes makes hospitality industry and increasingly difficult and competitive environment.

Turbulent Times & Opportunities

The hospitality sector around the world is poised to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 lockdown with a healthy tourism economy once again. Yet hospitality organizations will find themselves in a very different business environment and dealing with some important changes, including consumer behaviors & expectations, staffing shortages and an ever demanding investment landscape. This recovery process whilst difficult presents some opportunities for the industry to reinvent itself and for companies to grow.